Friday, 11 January 2013

If at first...

This week I learned that a conference proposal that I'd jointly made with my friend and former colleague Natalia was unsuccessful. We were hoping to talk to a wide audience from across the library and information world on how we feel so-called 'generic' skills are underplayed in their importance to contemporary and future librarianship. I like to think we'd have given a positive and provocative take on this.

The initial disappointment has now passed, but I found myself thinking soon afterwards that maybe it would be interesting to blog the proposal anyway. Librarianship is a remarkably open profession so it feels comfortable doing this. The paper contains no big secrets, and nothing that Natalia or I haven't ever said out-loud or on twitter before, so why not give it some exposure on here?

The profile that a slot at a major conference can give your ideas is certainly very desirable but it's no longer the only way to reach an audience. As I stand by the ideas that we were putting forward, it would be a shame for the proposal to end here. Perhaps others will find the proposed content interesting and maybe it can be useful elsewhere. 

I'm hopeful that by sharing it and taking any comments that I might be better prepared for the next time. In that spirit I was surprised and pleased then to see the Library Camp people doing the same already via Google Docs. It's also reassuring to see that we're in excellent company in not making the programme this year.

So here it is via a Google Doc. Please let us know what you think either in comments here, on twitter or on the document itself!